10 Years Lifetime Battery Stand Alone Smoke Detector SA-730

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Working Voltage:DC3V built-in lithium battery
Standby current:8.2uA
Alarm current:<60mA
Alarm mode:Siren With Flash (buzzer & red LED)
Low voltage threshold:2.3V
Alarm sound:>85dB


Press and hold the TEST key, the product enters the test state. When the red light flashes, the buzzer sounds, and the action mode is the same as the alarm mode,it mean normal working ; When it will flash twice or three times in red, without buzzing Tweeter, it mean it unnormal working.

Smoke is detected every 6 seconds. If the alarm threshold is reached, it is detected 6 times at 1S speed each time to determine the alarm condition and the red light flashes. After 6 times of determining the fire, an siren and flash was issued.

When Alarming, Press the HUSH button to turn off the buzzer and only flash the red LED.

Low Voltage Alarm
When the voltage is less than 2.3V, two short sound alarms are issued every 30S.

Ten Years Life End Alarm
At the end of its life, the red LED flashes twice every 30 seconds and no buzzer sounds.

Normal Work
A green LED flashes once every 30 seconds.